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More width GuppY 5.01!!! 

To talk about you


To share your passion


To share your research


That you can concentrate on content, Guppy takes care of (almost smile) everything !

  • You would like to build a website to present your hobbies, introduce a software you like to use, share your photos, speak about you or communicate with other people ?
  • You would like your site to be complete, interactive, having a guestbook, a forum and the possibility to easily add some mods as poll, gallery, directory, etc?
  • Alas, you don't have any knowledge of HTML, PHP, mySQL ?
  • For a responsive site on all devices, simply with the mobile configuration,
    it's GuppY 5.01 you need for your site !!!

We are pleased to offer GuppY 5.01, "responsive design", "mobile-friendly", a new evolution!

Many changes to the 5.00.11, even if they do not see too much at first for visitors. The structure has been completely revised and modified to be "responsive design" and meet the "mobile-friendly" criteria of Google.

We selected the solution from a single site with a responsive web configuration for PCs and mobile configuration to other devices, detecting the user-agent GuppY of the screen to display the corresponding version.

Prerequisites :

- No flash, no tables, no fixed widths, no XXXL images to a responsive site
Clearly, no non-responsive carousel, no image-cube ...
Throughout the construction, an obligation to think constantly responsive design.

Web config :

- After Config look redesign in 5.00.11, corrections, improvements ... for a more stable version of GuppY
- Correction of the display of the date modified articles,
- Added hosting parameter behind a proxy,
- Automatic update of the address of the website,
- Improving record in the database with cover for accommodation
- Adding parameters to hide connected and registered members ...

Mobile config :

- It required a complete overhaul of the structure of GuppY, hours of preparation to get to this presentation that successfully pass the tests for "mobile-friendly".

- By Admin / Configurations appointment to Config boxes to Home Setup and you have a choice of configuration or skin MOBILE WEB.
   A Setup or Config Boxes Home MOBILE in a single column of boxes 100%, no other possibility,

  - A mobile config is not a reproduction of the web config, straight to the point: the menu, news, edito a short, one or two boxes menus, calendar, the Preferences box.

- A page on a mobile site should not exceed 100KB, 10KB a document bearing in mind that visitors have a small screen, they browse 3G for most and the display must be fast.

Many thanks :

- All participants in the evolution of GuppY 5.01, all our testers who sought the squeaks stubbornly,
- All GuppY users for their support, their loyalty,

For thanks and other nice comments, think guestbook freeGuppY ... Thanks !!!


Forum live
The latest piece of news

Bonjour à tous,

L'A.G. de l'association freeGuppY est convoquée pour le mardi 1er décembre 2015 conformément à nos statuts un peu particuliers et disponibles sur le site de l'asso :

Cette A.G. sera bien entendu ouverte à tous dans un forum spécialisé sur le site indiqué plus haut mais seuls les membres à jour de cotisation auront le droit de vote et ceci pour une durée de quinze jours soit jusqu'au vendredi 15 décembre 2015 inclus.

Les membres en retard de cotisation sont invités à régulariser la situation s'ils souhaitent participer aux votes lors de cette A.G et/ou être membre de l'asso ou du C.A.. Les nouveaux membres sont également les bienvenus.

En ce qui concerne l'A.G., le droit de vote est immédiat dès la réception du règlement et l'enregistrement par le trésorier. Comme il est possible de régler via Paypal, la transmission du règlement de la cotisation peut-être très rapide.

La durée peu commune de l'A.G. s'explique par la complexité de gestion de notre asso qui est administrée intégralement sur le Net faute de pouvoir convoquer les A.G., C.A. et autres réunions de bureau dans un même lieu physique du fait de la dispersion géographique de ses membres ou membres potentiels.

Si vous avez des questions préalables à cette A.G., vous pouvez les poser dès maintenant sur le forum dédié, sur le site de l'asso freeGuppY :

L'ordre du jour de l'A.G. 2014-2015 sera publié ultérieurement.


Jean Millet (JeandePeyrat)

Président de freeGuppY

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The last note

To know if one were infected:caution.gif

make an inventory of the various folders of your website, by ftp, by classifying your files by date in the distant repertory. (according to software ftp that you use)


it may be that you find there files gone back to these last days with names “odd” (d.php, cmdwork.txt,…) or even of the index.html files or of the .jpg files which are not images and which do not have anything to do there! , remove them .

the technique which consists in downloading its website and to pass it to the antivirus, can also bear its fruits, you can find Trojans   frown

... / ...

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