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GuppY 5.0 has been released!!!

To talk about you


To share your passion


To share your research


That you can concentrate on content, Guppy takes care of (almost smile) everything !

  • You would like to build a website to present your hobbies, introduce a software you like to use, share your photos, speak about you or communicate with other people ?
  • You would like your site to be complete, interactive, having a guestbook, a forum and the possibility to easily add some mods as poll, gallery, directory, etc?
  • Alas, you don't have any knowledge of HTML, PHP, mySQL ?
  • Try GuppY 5.0 more than a simple evolution, a revolution this new version!

Yes this is it! The very much anticipated major release!

We are pleased to release GuppY 5.0! After two years of development, many pre-alpha, alpha, and twenty-three beta versions, five RC versions and some last minute adjustments.

The architect of this new major version is our friend Lud alias Saxbar, who works most often in the shade, but still manages to pop in from time to time on the forum, even though he frequently gives precious advice via our intranet and answers very specific questions as accurately as possible. True enough, this is often the thankless role of developers.

So today Lud, you very well deserve to make the cover and be on the headlines!

Altogether with the Guppy Team who also deserve an ovation, including: jchouix, Papinou, Sabine, Corrector, Jerlal, Laroche, Pascal31, fred68, and Lavachequireve..

Not to mention the participation of JeanMi whose collaboration has been invaluable to us with the provision of advice or solutions.

There are also our team of beta testers, in alphabetical order: BTSCPI, Dipisoft, Equit@home, Ludo, PhilOGM, Roule, Rvknobzh

In addition to this extraordinary Guppy version 5.0 - which is as stated JeanMi not an evolution but a revolution!- you will discover: the GuppY Help Center based on an idea of ​​a former member of the GuppYTeam, our friend Killer, one of our former translators who has to leave us owing to professional obligations, and the online help and great tutorial by Sabine on V5 skins.

The freeGuppY Association has of course supported the development of this latest version.

We wish a good migration or creation of your website to all and see you soon on the forum dedicated to the V5 


Forum live

The latest piece of news

GuppY - Non cumulative patch 5.0.9 - by GuppY_Team 28/11/2014 @ 11:33

GuppY : non cumulative patch 5.0.9gylogo.png

This patch is the 87th version of GuppY.

 We are pleased to come up with the non-cumulative patch for 5.0.9 Guppy 5.0, with improvements and fixes since 5.0.6, namely:

- Added registering control on connection (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved e-mail sending to contacts  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved downloads directory and FAQ display  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Removed files checksum on downloading  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected links of url rewriting on downloads (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved forum categories management  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved links directory display (Thanks Saxbar)
- Added photorama and secundary pages full screen display (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected second language links for blog and calendar search (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected external avatars display in the forum (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected status wording of collaborators in the forum (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved members registering form display (Thanks Saxbar)
- Implemented collaborators groups for management (Thanks Saxbar)
- Choice for "New" thumbnail in menu options (Thanks Saxbar)
- Added menu options off articles in the What's new box (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved search function in members management (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected posts sorting in the blog boxes. (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected links in the blog boxes. (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected guestbook e-mail adresses display (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected UpdateDBforum() function (Thanks Saxbar)
- Corrected e-mail visibility of forum contributions on updating and moving  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Added migration of Iconframe plugin  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Added migration of menu options for non-article menu  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Added migration of Contact Plugin  (Thanks Saxbar)
- Improved styles for mobile  (Thanks Papinou)
- Update of ckeditor to version 4.4.6 (Thanks Saxbar)

Upgrading from version 5.0.8 to version 5.0.9. means you have to use this gy-non-cumulative-509 patch.

When patch has been installed, please go to admin/configurations/forum categories and do check that categories are actually active.

If needed, tick the box for each category and save so as to update index frcat.dtb.

Thanks to all participants in this patch.

The Guppy Team

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The last note
Clean your website after an infection  -  by GuppYteam

To know if one were infected:caution.gif

make an inventory of the various folders of your website, by ftp, by classifying your files by date in the distant repertory. (according to software ftp that you use)


it may be that you find there files gone back to these last days with names “odd” (d.php, cmdwork.txt,…) or even of the index.html files or of the .jpg files which are not images and which do not have anything to do there! , remove them .

the technique which consists in downloading its website and to pass it to the antivirus, can also bear its fruits, you can find Trojans   frown

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