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More width GuppY 5.03.00 !!! 

  • You would like to build a website to present your hobbies, introduce a software you like to use, share your photos, speak about you or communicate with other people ?
  • You would like your site to be complete, interactive, having a guestbook, a forum and the possibility to easily add some mods as poll, gallery, directory, etc?
  • Alas, you don't have any knowledge of HTML, PHP, mySQL ?
  • For a responsive site on all devices, simply with the mobile configuration,

    it's GuppY 5  you need for your site !!!

GuppY 5.03.00

We are pleased to present GuppY 5.03.00, the 108th version of GuppY.

Prerequisites: PHP 5.6 minimum  

Then, to switch from version 5.02.09 to version 5.03.00, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50300 patch, following this procedure:

  • download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY,
  • validate the usual configuration pages



Unite-Gallery is a jQuery responsive plugin, for photo and video galleries. This powerful and fast gallery has all the necessary features, responsive, responsive to touch and even a zoom effect.
Responsive - adapts to each screen with automatic ratio preservation and can respond to screen size change, Touch - All parts of the gallery can be controlled by touch devices,

Themes - several themes, each theme has its own options and features, but it uses the gallery's basic objects,

Zoom Effect - a unique zoom effect that can be applied within the buttons, mouse wheel, or a pinch-to-touch motion,
Theme Video - from: Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, Wistia.

Liquid Slider

Liquid Slider is a Slider jQuery Responsive, which means creating it with the aim of adapting to all terminals and therefore to different screen sizes.

It presents CSS3 transitions, uses "animate. css", dynamic drag-and-drop navigation, and more,

Powerful, easy to use and fast. It is fully responsive and fully adaptable to changes in width and orientation, using modern CSS3 animations to force hardware acquisition on mobile devices, you'll never have to worry about slow or fast transitions.

Forum live

Latest news item

GuppY release 5.03.00 - 03/12/2019 @ 09:46 by Papinou

GuppY Pack 5.03.00, cumulative and non-cumulative patches

This pack is the 108th version of GuppY

We propose you the version 5.03.00 with new features, improvements, corrections.

Prerequisites: PHP 5.6 minimum


  - improved creation of a subpage
  - correction of the display of the boxes above and below
  - correction of the full page display of the photorama
  - correction of the positioning at the top of zone 2 for research links
  - correction of the category id in the forum searches
  - correction and improvement of the liquidslider text slideshow
  - correction of the banner box number
  - correction of the page number of the photo box and the contact box
  - transtyping corrections
  - correction of the link back to the forum archives
  - corrections to the forum address rewriting links
  - modification of the address of the rss icons of articles, blog and news
  - correction of the default choice of the status of the Calendar box on mobile
  - correction of the email validation when subscribing to the newsletter
  - correction of the redirection in case of file installation error
  - central blog columns integrated in the structure
  - adaptation to php 7.4.0


  - open and close boxes by clicking on the title
  - added the status of the blog archive box
  - addition of the skin function library
  - added a new navigation menu
  - introduction of bootstraps
  - replacement of some icons by those of font-awesome
  - setting up tags for the html5 structure
  - floating side columns
  - addition of two locations in the upper and lower zones

To switch from version 5.02.09 to version 5.03.00, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50300 patch, following this procedure:
    • download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY.

After installation you must go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

    • complete the configuration of the new fields in Config look,

    • click on "Save configuration" to update your skin compatible with Config look, the generation of the.css style will be done automatically,
    • validate the configuration pages starting with Config WEB and MOBILE boxes for the main page and subpages, then Config home/blog WEB and MOBILE.

    • Warning, check Config boxes boxes may no longer be selected, you must put them back in place and Save the configuration,

    • then validate each configuration page, then several refreshes of the display of a page may be necessary to have a correct display.


All plugins and skins must be updated for GuppY 5.03.00, including stypleplus.css for WEB display and mobstyle.css for MOBILE display.

Thanks to Saxbar and all the participants in this patch

The GuppY Team

The last note

Activation du protocole HTTPS  -  by Guppy_Team


One of the innovations of the next version of GuppY will be the consideration of the HTTPS secure protocol.

You have probably read in the specialized press that in the near future unsecured sites will no longer be referenced, or less well referenced, dixit Google for example.

We do not give in to a fashion, but we propose it for a greater security of your data, for the protection of your privacy.

Your connections on your site, that of your visitors will be fully encrypted and secure.

In your browser you can see the list of systems used by placing your cursor on the small green padlock when you are on a page in HTTPS.

This protocol can already be activated by mutualisation with certain hosting companies like our partner Nuxit of course, also with OVH and 1 & 1 where we have a domain name for our tests.

Switching to HTTPS induces some constraints, the first is external links, images, videos and documents encapsulated in an iframe that are no longer allowed, only the iframes of the site can be displayed.

Be careful, your entire site must be secure, there can not be mixed content.

The green padlock tells you that communications between your browser and the website are safe. No one can spy on them, and no one can traffic communications. But it does not guarantee anything else!

Be vigilant, and do not entrust any information on any site, padlock or not.

According to the modalities envisaged by your host, in the .htaccess of the root, you will have only a redirection HTTP => HTTPS allowing to return all your visitors to the secured version.

On all official GuppY sites, the HTTPS secure protocol is enabled.

Despite our research, if you see the green padlock with a warning for mixed content, please report us the page.

Published on 10/11/2016 @ 21:19 
You are here :  Welcome
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