Box of suggestions

boite_idees.pngOn the forum you are numerous to propose ideas of developments to us. Unfortunately sometimes these ideas lose themselves in the flood of the many messages of the forum.

So we decided to set up a platform which makes it possible to express YOURSELF and which makes it easier for us to find your proposition.


Warning !This space isn't here for asking about irrealistic wov, because GuppY's philosophy remains KISS. So we will not transform this portail into something with too much fonctions.

Those who have improvements of code to suggest can do it here under : submit your proposals, by detailing the objectives and results obtained, so that we know what it turns about.

The GuppY Team will visit these pages to find ideas for the next version of GuppY... or not !


  • Please post only proposals here ; the debates will be made in the forum in order not to weigh down this article.
  • De not ask help questions here. They will be erased and won't receive an answer.
  • The GuppY Team remains maitress of the choices of future development. Post here does not mean inevitably that your idea will be develop in the future version of GuppY
  • The GuppY Team commits itself to respect the paternity of an idea put here and thus to credit his author.
  • Thank you to check if your proposal wasn't already made, and treated by our Team


To make your suggestion, you post a response to this article.

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