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GuppY release 5.03.01 - 17/02/2020 @ 15:53 by GuppY_Team

GuppY Pack 5.03.01, cumulative and non-cumulative patches


This pack is the 109th version of GuppY

We propose you the version 5.03.01 with new features, improvements, corrections.

Prerequisites: PHP 5.6 minimum


  - correction of the address of the CeCiLL license in the copyright
  - correction of the title of the blog archives
  - activation of the member list for mobiles
  - correction of the display of boxes on the home page without columns
  - correction of the display of the boxes above and below the central area
  - default activation of parallax effect

To switch from version 5.03.00 to version 5.03.01, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50301 patch, following this procedure:

  • download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY.

After installation you must go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

  • click on "Save config" to update your config look compatible skin, the generation of the .css style will be done automatically,
  • validate all the configuration pages, then several refreshes of the display of a page may be necessary to have a correct display.


The Parallax effect is enabled by default whether you use it or not, you just have to check Actual height for each zone according to your choice.

Thanks to Saxbar and all the participants in this patch

The GuppY Team