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To know if one were infected:caution.gif

make an inventory of the various folders of your website, by ftp, by classifying your files by date in the distant repertory. (according to software ftp that you use)


it may be that you find there files gone back to these last days with names “odd” (d.php, cmdwork.txt,…) or even of the index.html files or of the .jpg files which are not images and which do not have anything to do there! , remove them .

the technique which consists in downloading its website and to pass it to the antivirus, can also bear its fruits, you can find Trojans   frown

Published on 12/11/2007 @ 13:15  |     |
Sort the menu  -  by GuppYTeam
Everybody known the tips to sort his articles in the articles box.
You just have to had html comment before titles, like <!--01-->, <!--02--> or <!--03--> for exemple.

But do you know that with GuppY 4.6, it's possible to do the same thing with the menu items ? cool

Go to your Admin > Areas Config. ant test.

You can do the same with plugins name, so you can put a plugin in the middle of GuppY menu.
Published on 05/06/2007 @ 14:01  |     |