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 GuppY 4.6

GuppY - Security Patch 4.6.28

We are pleased to come up with patch 4.6.28  which features :

- Correction of two code embedding security XSS flaws.
- Correction of a squeak in mktime

Many thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab for very kind notice.

Beware! All GuppY versions are concerned, no exception.
You REALLY MUST INSTALL AT ONCE this correction patch to keep up with security on your site.

As with each new version, please do not forget to update your plugins, reinstall your forks, and revalidate your configuration pages.
To move up from the 4.6.26, 4.6.27,  4.6.27-1 to 4.6.28 version, you must use this patch_nc_4628.

Thank you to all participants in this patch.

The GuppY Team (104.28 Kb) Downloaded 3013 times