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 GuppY 4.6

This cumulative patch contains all corrections since   version 4.6.0 and updated

If your GuppY version is inferior to 4.6.26, then you must download this cumulative patch to update your GuppY to the 4.6.28 release.

Be careful: we have integrated the plugin extended boxes in the patch 4.6.1.

You need to upgrade your blog by running maj_blog.php:

Warning, For update. Htaccess root, you must add maj_htaccess.php the url of your site, then Enter to run it after applying the patch.

The .htaccess at the root of cumulative patch file has been deleted to avoid crushing your htaccess.(2013.08.17)
A .htaccess update is downloading freeguppy.

If your forum categories are still in the old format, you must run the script "maj_forumcat.php" to reset the IDs of the categories into the right format, for example: 1,PR1 instead of PR1.

You must go in admin immediately after installing the cumulative patch to delete the install directory - when popup shows - and validate every page of config to avoid the appearance of error messages.

Do not do a clean install, just delete the install directory.

Note: data/nwlist.tmp needs also chmod 666


Do not forget to make a backup of your site before applying the patch. (4 888.04 Kb) Downloaded 3598 times