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GuppY 6.00.16 release - 14/12/2023 @ 17:23 by Papinou

GuppY: GuppY 6.00.16 package, cumulative and non-cumulative patches.

This pack is the 128th version of GuppY

We propose patch 6.00.16 with additions, improvements and corrections.


Prerequisites: PHP 7.3 minimum, GuppY 6 qualified on PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1


    Ckeditor version 4.22.1 updated
    Modification of the Ckeditor iframe plugin to allow reading a pdf document
    Phpmailer version 6.8.1 updated
    TarteauCitron version 1.15 updated   
    Variable control
    Improvement in case of disconnection thanks to Hulky42 for the report
    Modification in Config/services ==> Site news selection either since the last connection or since a number of days,
    Photo/video gallery enhancement, deletion of photo and associated video,
    File script: warning when a file is deleted,(Marc_Gingold)
    Warning message in the event of deletion by CKEditor,
    Correction of the configuration to suppress unwanted display of the "Cookie management panel".

For ensure the continuity of your site's configuration, we have put the contents of patch 6.00.15 back into this patch 6.00.16.

Attention : To upgrade from version 6.00.15 to 6.00.16, you must use the patch, following this procedure:

    • download the patch and install in admin with the Installer function of GuppY.

After the installation, you have to go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

    • click on "Save config" to update your skin to Config look, the style.css will be generated automatically,
    • then validate each configuration page in admin/Config services, then several refreshments can be necessary be necessary to have a correct display.

Please note that you must delete all cookies from your site in your usual browser and empty the cache, then reconnect and reconnect and save the RGPD declaration again.

      Thanks to linuxmr and Papinou for making this patch.

The GuppY Team