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GuppY release 6.00.06 - 13/01/2022 @ 16:00 by Papinou

Pack GuppY 6.00.06, cumulative patch, non-cumulative patchgylogo.png

This pack is the 118th version of GuppY

We are pleased to offer you version 6.00.06 .

Prerequisite: PHP 5.6 minimum


- CKEditor 4.17.1 update with display correction in all languages.

We recommend installing this update as soon as possible for security reasons.

To upgrade from version 6.00.05 to 6.00.06, you must use the patch, following this procedure:

    • download the patch and install in admin with the Installer function of GuppY.

After the installation you have to go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

    • click on "Save config" to update your skin to Config look, the style.css will be generated automatically,
    • then validate each configuration page, then several refreshes of the display of a page may be necessary to have a correct display,
    • attention, the size of the patch exceeds 2Mb, upload_max_filesize must be greater than 2Mb in the PHP configuration,
      Thanks to linuxmr and Papinou for making this patch.

The GuppY Team