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Convocation Extraordinary General Assembly - 19/06/2021 @ 11:12 by JeandePeyrat


In accordance with the statutes of the freeGuppY association, an Extraordinary General Assembly is convened by the Board of Directors within 15 days, i.e. on 03 July 2021,

On the agenda:

  - modifications of the statutes of the association
  - modifications of the internal regulations
  - postponement of the annual General Assembly in February 2022 with the balance sheets of 2020 and 2021
  - further development and future of GuppY

This meeting will be held for at least 15 days because of the particular statutes of our association which is entirely managed on the Internet.
Go to this page to have all the information about the extraordinary GA.

The president of the freeGuppY association

Jean Millet