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Calling to the GuppY community - 03/08/2021 @ 18:08 by Papinou


The further development and future of GuppY.

The death of our friend Saxbar has put an end to a certain illusion about our ability to continue the development of GuppY, at least with the same intensity.

We had plans to evolve version 6 to a standard GuppY kernel and modules that each user could download and install according to their needs, but this was only in the planning stage.

In the immediate future, version 6.00.03 will be released on August 10, 2021, Saxbar had sent me the zip with the modifications of the files for the compatibility for PHP 8, important version considering the modifications of PHP 8 and the warning pages which are displayed.

Thanks to jchouix for the integration of tarteaucitron and the RGPD compliance.
Thanks to linuxmr for adapting and testing the Saxbar plugins

The future of GuppY is at stake, without the contribution of new developers, we don't have the means to release new versions, to correct the bugs and to make improvements.

The main mission of the GuppY development team is to continue the development of GuppY using the PHP scripting language, to improve the ease of use of GuppY and to integrate the new features necessary for its maintenance.

Technical competences :

- mastery of the PHP language and the basics of programming (architecture principles, data structure, algorithms, object-oriented programming, etc.),
- for GuppY, it will be necessary to analyse and understand the structure, to propose the adapted tools for the best evolution, to ensure the security of GuppY and of the users' data, to participate in the tests.
- good knowledge of js, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap is required.

Since the creation in 2002 of MiniPortail by Laurent Duveau and then under the name GuppY from 2004, we have always favoured the free, open source and totally voluntary solution.

We want to continue in this direction for the development of GuppY.

We are still looking for developers to rebuild a small team, please let us know if you have any contacts on the GuppY email by Contact Us in the Site Info box on

We remind you of our principles: free, voluntary, where everyone participates according to his means, his desires, his free time without any particular constraint.
The working methods, the practical functioning, the evolution of GuppY will be discussed with the interested parties within the GuppY Team.

The freeGuppY committee.