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Welcome to Guppy CMS Portal WEB in php free without BDD


GuppY, the easy web portal

An easy, free web portal, GuppY will allow you to generate very easily a complete and interactive web site. It requires no database.

Adopt GuppY and then devote yourself to the most important part of your site that will make its success : its content !



 "A GuppY User, I am a member of the freeGuppY association; why not join us?
Papinou: treasurer of the association and skinner for  GuppY

    On June 2nd 2007, the 20 founding members created the freeGuppY association, adopted the statutes and elected the Board of Administrators. freeGuppY is a GuppY users' association who aim is to "ensure in the promotion and durability of the GuppY software and its values."

   It is governed by the French 1901 law on non-profit making associations. It is authorized entitled to manage funds in the interest of its members and donators.

   You enjoy GuppY and you wish to help us with your knowledge and skills, or just a small donation: you are welcome indeed!   Joining this Association is participating in the development thanks to your financial help. It enables to help on occasions.

It also gives the opportunity to be noticed by the developers, which can lead  to perhaps join the GuppY Team.  Like the sixty-seven members of the association, please join us and get involved in this great adventure, according to your possibilities and availability.

    The Association provides: - Technical resources    - A dynamic team    - Actions to help the GuppY Team    - Congresses - Press Relations    - Promotional offers    - Contests    - etc.                     

GuppY needs you! Join us!


Find GuppY 10 years on this link


The GuppY CMS

A Unique CMS

Very simple install

A friendly management

GuppY in the open source world


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