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Attention : GuppY 6.00.09

Sortie de GuppY 6.00.09 : pack et patch cumulatif et non-cumulatif

Pour passer de la version 6.00.08 à la 6.00.09 vous appliquez le patch non-cumulatif GuppY 6.00.09 .

Pour passer de la version 5.03.03 à la version 6.00.09, vous devez impérativement suivre la procédure de migration décrite dans cet article.

Pour les plugins et pour les skins, merci de poster sur le site de leur auteur.

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Archives du forum - guppy [anglais] - Sujet n°130243

Sujet n°130243
GuppY 5.02.07 release
   par GuppY_Team le 06/12/2018 @ 14:39

GuppY: Pack GuppY 5.02.07, cumulative and non-cumulative patches


This pack is the 105st version of GuppY

We propose you the patch 5.02.07 with additions, improvements and corrections.

Prerequisite: PHP 5.6 minimum

- correction of the message for the registration of new members
- correction of RGPD links
- added shift of the center under the TOP line
- correction for the conservation of admin content
- correction of address rewriting
- moved the entry of the number of connections in Preferences
- increase the time to check the login password
- correction of the display in case of password request error
- correction of the link back to the sending of a new
- deletion of the temporary file of the recipients of the news
- added selection of groups of members from the icons menu
- fixed the deletion of a collaborator in the admin protection
- correction of the deletion of a member in admin and in My account
- added group selection for the list of members
- added links for the RGPD banner in funcrss.php
- added reply-to in the eMailHtmlTo() function for supervision and Contact
- correction of the integrity check of RSS entries
- improvement of the.htpasswd path for admin protection
- improved captcha display
- button to add new members always visible
- added selection of box member groups selection
- indication of access to groups in admin lists
- merge the configuration and style generation steps into Config look
- improved sitemap generation
- automatic update of sitemaps
- improved registration of Box Config and Host Config
- added multiple registrations in Member Management
- added Login and Become a member buttons for services in member zone
- added the Hide public editor smileys bar parameter
- W3C compliance



1 - The CKEditor 4.11.1 patch to download in the Download section, then install it in admin with the Install function,

2 - The Addons for GuppY 502XX patch for download in the Download section, then install it as an admin with the Install function. This patch contains all the addons necessary for GuppY 5.02.xx.

3 - The non-cumulative GuppY 5.02.07 patch to download in the Download section, then to install in admin with the Install function.

Then, to switch from version 5.02.06 to version 5.02.07, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50207 patch, following this procedure:

  • download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY,
  • validate the usual configuration pages
  • delete cookies, clear your browser's web cache, or even restart it if necessary.

After the installation you must go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

  1. Complete the configuration of the new fields in Config look,
  2. Save the configuration to save your changes,
  3. Click on "Save configuration" to update your Config look compatible skin, the generation of the.css style will be done automatically, then several refreshes of the page display may be necessary to have a correct display.  

Important :
Now you must go to Admin/Global Configuration, click on Security Key and Generate a new security key then Save the configuration. You will be logged out as a member, you must log in again by entering your username and password.

As with all patches, it is advisable to revalidate all configuration pages as admin.

Many thanks to Saxbar and the participants of this version.

The GuppY Team

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