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Archives du forum - guppy [anglais] - Sujet n°130847

Sujet n°130847
Grateful message
   par JulienConstant le 05/03/2020 @ 12:10

Hi all,

This is not a SOS message.  But a Thank-You-Note in recognition of the tremendous and ceaseless work done by the GuppY Team and Guppy friends to assist us clumsy users and provide continuously up to date and states-of-the-art scripts to meet the fast changing web requirements.

I am adamant we are hardly aware of what big job they are doing for us.

Thanks to Papinou for correcting patches and helping Saxbar; thank you to Saxbar for help, conception and main coding work and  JeandePeyrat for running the whole thing straight and smooth.

Standing ovation to the Guppy Team for this unimaginable work that allows us to express ourselves on the web without depending on complex and commercial companies.

Spring is coming, there's still a life outside Wordpress, Facebook and Snapchat! It's time for the Guppynauts to become members of the freeguppy association; for without it GuppY CMS would be soon an endangered species!

Long live to Guppy!

Cordialement, JulienConstant

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