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Sujet n°130929
Upgrade from 4.6.23 to 5.03
   par Jon le 16/04/2020 @ 14:15


Is it possible to upgrade from version 4.6.23 to 5.03? or do i have to upload a whole new version?

From Norway


Réponse n° 1
par Papinou le 16/04/2020 @ 15:00


It is preferable to patch in 4.6.28 before migrating in 5.03.02 by following the procedure described in this article.

As a security measure, work on a copy of the site backup, always on a copy to keep the backup intact.

Performing the migration locally is the best solution.  

Cordialement, Papinou

Réponse n° 2
par Jon le 16/04/2020 @ 20:22

I have now upgraded from 4.6.23 to 4.6.28. Everything works fine, except the ajutemenu box.

Have reinstalled ajutemenu plugin but no things happen. Which file should I replace to make it work?


Réponse n° 3
par Jon le 16/04/2020 @ 20:31


not the guestbook, or forum on icons at the top eek


Réponse n° 4
par Papinou le 16/04/2020 @ 21:30


It is also necessary to install the jmForks plugin for GuppY 4.6.28 for the Add Menu plugin to work correctly.

The jmForks plugin can be downloaded from this link.

Best regards

Cordialement, Papinou

Réponse n° 5
par Jon le 16/04/2020 @ 22:01

Thank you very much.

Now I have problems with cryptographp on my guestbook. Is there another file I can replace?


Réponse n° 6
par Jon le 17/04/2020 @ 09:02

Hello. I have now upgrade from 4.6.23 to 4.6.28

Now almost everything is fine. I had to replace the file to get the ajoutemeny ut på go. Jmforks was already installed.  Soon I wil try to upgrade to versjon 5. I'm excited about how skinBouqet de rose will be.


Réponse n° 7
par Papinou le 17/04/2020 @ 09:32


The skins for 4.6 are not directly compatible with the V5, it will be necessary to make an adpatation of the skin.

Best regards

Cordialement, Papinou

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