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Attention : GuppY 6.00.09

Sortie de GuppY 6.00.09 : pack et patch cumulatif et non-cumulatif

Pour passer de la version 6.00.08 à la 6.00.09 vous appliquez le patch non-cumulatif GuppY 6.00.09 .

Pour passer de la version 5.03.03 à la version 6.00.09, vous devez impérativement suivre la procédure de migration décrite dans cet article.

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Archives du forum - guppy [anglais] - Sujet n°130977

Sujet n°130977
GuppY release 5.03.03
   par GuppY_Team le 02/06/2020 @ 15:41

GuppY Pack 5.03.03, cumulative and non-cumulative patchesgylogo.png

This pack is the 111th version of GuppY

We propose you the version 5.03.03 with improvements, corrections.

Prerequisites: PHP 5.6 minimum


  - correction of the redirection links for the mobile version
  - correction of the email sending function
  - correction of the login address in the account creation email
  - correction of the display of the forum news
  - correction of the live forum display
  - correction of the update of the forum indexes
  - correction of user icon menu settings

  - selection of the sender for sending the newsletter

To upgrade from version 5.03.02 to version 5.03.03, you must use the gy-non-cumulative-50303 patch, following this procedure :
    - download the patch and install in admin with the Install function of GuppY.

After the installation you must go to admin/config look and proceed in this order:

    - click on "Save config" to update your config look compatible skin, the generation of the .css style will be done automatically,
    - then validate each configuration page, then several refreshes of the display of a page may be necessary to have a correct display.


it concerns the sending of the newsletters :

  • as you know, the email address of the Webmaster used for the mailings must be an address of the domain of your site, otherwise you risk spamming or even blacklisting at some ISPs
  • this new feature will allow you to select the sender of the newsletter, between the Webmaster and the admin or collaborator who sends it, as long as they have the necessary rights.
  • the necessary condition is that the admin and collaborators in question have entered in their member account an address on the domain
  • in this case the choice between Webmaster and user will be displayed, otherwise the Webmaster's address will be used as the sender of the letter.

Thanks to Saxbar and to all the participants in this patch.

The GuppY Team

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