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GuppY: 10 years - 2002 / 2012


GuppY 10 years already

Hello all,

MiniPortail was released December 30, 2002, and the adventure continues GuppY. Birthday, 10 years is something to celebrate!

On this occasion, a number of surprises have been planned and some have already pointed their nose.

Thank you to aldweb, thank you to all participants GuppY
Thank you all, members of the association freeGuppY for your support.
All our best wishes for 2013 to you and your families.

We hope for a great vintage GuppY in 2013, but I did not tell you more because you have to spare the suspense.

For GuppYTeam and freeGuppY association,
FreeGuppY President, Jean Millet.


Hello all,

On the occasion of GuppY's tenth anniversary, the freeGuppY association has customised 8GB flash drive with GuppY logo and the inscription "10 years."

For those who wish, you can order a maximum of two flash drives, charged 10 € each, all taxes and shipping included.
The freeGuppY association sells at cost price, the aim being to mark GuppY's10th anniversary with GuppY users.

Your order will be sent to the treasurer of the association freeGuppY, with your payment.
Contact details are on this link..

If you pay by Paypal on this link, thank you specify as a comment: order for GuppY 10th anniversary flash drive, and don't forget to send your mailing address on the email.

The shipment will be done in the order of receipt of paid orders.
Orders over two flash drives will be refused.

A post on the freeGuppY forum and the freeGuppY association forum will announce the end of the operation.

Thank you all.

The treasurer of the association freeGuppY
Yves Le Borgne

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