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News birth - 24/09/2003 @ 00:00 by aldweb is the brand new website dedicated to GuppY which is the new name for miniPortail which was previously hosted on the website of its inventor, the aldweb Site.

miniPortail has grown a lot since it was put online January 1st, 2003. A nice, voluntary and dynamic team was formed around this project. I would like to especially thank them all here, GuppY was born thanks to them.

This new GuppY name and this website dedicated to this webportal are a turning point for this project and they answer to three main objectives:
  1. change the name to clearly show that miniPortail is not so minimalist, it is now very rich in terms of functionality! GuppY remains KISS, "Keep It Small and Simple"
  2. put all together the energies of the "GuppY Team" on this sole website
  3. group all parts of GuppY (programs, usage trics, documentation, forum help...) on this site, so as to ease your job
I will end up this news about the GuppY's birth by thanking all active users that are with us since a few months.