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A Pioneer for free software in France, since 1996 April has been a major player in the democratisation and spread of free software and open standards to the public, professionals and institutions in the Francophone world.

In the digital era, it also ensures to raise awareness about the dangers of an exclusive appropriation of information and knowledge by private interests.

The association is comprised of individuals, companies, associations from diverse backgrounds who gather around the values ​​of free organisations.

Mobilising its volunteers and its permanent staff enables to actively participate in the recognition of free software through many and varied actions.

April is the must partner for the promotion and defense of free software.


April has the following objectives:

  • Promoting free software to the general public, professionals, associations and public authorities.
  • Raising mass-awareness to issues about open standards and interoperability;
  • Obtaining political, legal and regulatory decisions favourable to the development of free software and information common goods.
  • Defending the rights of users and authors of free software.
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and knowledge.


  • Educates new audiences to free software.
  • Informs politicians and policy makers and promotes progressive legislation on ICT, patents and copyright.
  • Participates in program committees or juries ("Solutions Linux" Paris Capitale du Libre, Free software Trophies).
  • Is involved in the organisation of the World Meetings of Free Software
  • Forges partnerships with institutions (Region Ile de France, Caisse des Dépôts), NGOs (Foundation for the Progress of Humankind), public institutions (Cité des Sciences, Université du Littoral)
  • Gives forty conferences per year.
  • Relays the information and actions in the media.
  • Takes part in twenty events per year.
  •  Is present in the structures that influence government policy (Rights Forum on the Internet CSPLA ...).
  •  Educates decision-makers and institutions to the challenges of transition to free software and supports them in their efforts.


The Board freeGuppY association took the decision to join and renew membership each year of the association in the April.

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