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Choose GuppY ?

If you are here, it is that you are looking for a CMS (Content Management System) and that you are building a website.

The choice of such a system must be done fully informed. We know that GuppY is far from being the only CMS (luckily), and it is a project with advantages and disadvantages like every other project.

Why this article?

Just to let you know the philosophy of GuppY, so that you can be certain to engage with a tool that corresponds to your needs. It is obvious that some will swear by GuppY whilst others will only find criticism about it. It is because every user has particular needs. In as much as a father of a big family would not choose a Cabriolet to go on holiday but a monospace, and we'll always find opposite appreciation regarding the two vehicle.

With GuppY the same thing happens, it is adapted to a particular use that we are going to try and describe roughly, so that, if it is not tying in with your needs, you will not waist your time, and if, on the contrary it is, you will be reassured in your choice to use GuppY.

GuppY 5 brings new and easy to use basic functions, such as installing patches, plugins, skins, one click to load the zip, click to install it, same for the backup, and you download zip.

Avantages :

Easily configurable, the admin page has been completely redesigned,
Easy to update in 2 clicks the patch is installed,
Able to hold a heavy load,
Friendly, for management, for adding content, for maintenance,
Flexible by selecting the services you need, by installing plugins,
Open and dynamic on the forum you will find using the Community and service quality,
Accessible to non-IT and non-specialists in new technologies.


Incapable to generate content, needs writers.
Does not control all the time visitors to know who does what.

Conclusion :

The above lists are not comprehensive but, with them, our intention is to present the philosophy rather than the features, because you only need to look for these features in GuppY to find them. You will see that, after a little bit of thinking and research, with GuppY, everything IS possible.

And you can!

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