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One of the innovations of the next version of GuppY will be the consideration of the HTTPS secure protocol.

You have probably read in the specialized press that in the near future unsecured sites will no longer be referenced, or less well referenced, dixit Google for example.

We do not give in to a fashion, but we propose it for a greater security of your data, for the protection of your privacy.

Your connections on your site, that of your visitors will be fully encrypted and secure.

In your browser you can see the list of systems used by placing your cursor on the small green padlock when you are on a page in HTTPS.

This protocol can already be activated by mutualisation with certain hosting companies like our partner Nuxit of course, also with OVH and 1 & 1 where we have a domain name for our tests.

Switching to HTTPS induces some constraints, the first is external links, images, videos and documents encapsulated in an iframe that are no longer allowed, only the iframes of the site can be displayed.

Be careful, your entire site must be secure, there can not be mixed content.

The green padlock tells you that communications between your browser and the website are safe. No one can spy on them, and no one can traffic communications. But it does not guarantee anything else!

Be vigilant, and do not entrust any information on any site, padlock or not.

According to the modalities envisaged by your host, in the .htaccess of the root, you will have only a redirection HTTP => HTTPS allowing to return all your visitors to the secured version.

On all official GuppY sites, the HTTPS secure protocol is enabled.

Despite our research, if you see the green padlock with a warning for mixed content, please report us the page.

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Important information for the development of skins and customization


The next 5.01.03 Guppy version should be available for download early June, it must bring a lot of new features, changes and corrections.

Of these, a significant change is the removal in all files of all display styles to group in GuppY css files as recommended by all standards.
Our friend Saxbar worked there for several months and we are coming to the end of the corrections, the first tests are very encouraging and we invite you to continue in this direction.

Actually we do not have much choice if we want to continue developing Guppy 5 and be firmly on the path of a modern CMS, always at the forefront of new web technologies. After the release of GuppY 5.01.00 in mid-June 2015, this is another important step.

We are aware of the changes that this implies for skins Guppy, Guppy for users:

- The use of skins compatible with config look is indispensable with some advantages, clicking Generate style refreshments and one or more of the page and your skin will be updated to Version 5.01.03. You will have nothing else to do!

- Customizing the background of your site should be in the file styleplus.css exclusively. If you made changes directly in the style.css file, you have a little over a month to postpone the styleplus.css file. If you do not, you can not update your skin and manually changing the style.css not be possible.

- For the future, for each patch, you can update your skin with one click Build Style.

To date, nearly one hundred skins are compatible Config look, look config usage tutorial will be updated on the Help Centre GuppY before the release of 5.01.03, and of course all the team will be present to help.

Thank you for your loyalty to Guppy, your support is important to us.

Best regards

The GuppY Team

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