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If you find a broken link in this list, please report it to the webmaster.

 I. Plugins

GuppY Land is a dependance of, the official GuppY site. It is managed by the GuppY Team. There you will find all the plugins built by some kind contributors, with articles to explain their functions and to present them. A showroom present you demos of the plugins, to help you to choose which plug you are going to set up. A must-visit site !


This site, managed by Djchouix, is entirely dedicated to the Adm_Redactors plugin, that is particularly adapted to a scholar use of GuppY. There is a forum for your questions.


 II. Skins

Visit the interactive skins' gallery on Papinou's website


 V. GuppY refering

Your web site is built ? Don't forget to add it to the aquarium of FreeguppY : it is a classified directory collecting the sites generated with GuppY. Join the nice GuppY communauty !


 VI. Web servers

WAMP installs automatically Apache ,PHP5.6 / PHP7, MySQL database ,PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager on your computer.
It's principal aim is to allow you to easily discover the new version oh PHP.

WAMP  comes with a service manager installed as a tray icon. It allows you to manage WAMP and access all services.


 VII. Licenses

CEA, CNRS and INRIA, three French public research organisations, released CeCILL in july 2004. CeCILL is the first license defining the principles of use and dissemination of Free Software in conformance with French law, following the principles of the GNU GPL license.
CeCILL is also perfectly suited to international projects. smile


 VIII. GuppY Team sites
The personal web site of the creator of GuppY.


The links to the websites of the GuppY Team members, of course built with GuppY!